Uterne Solar Power Plant 1MWP

CAT Projects developed the concept and managed the development process for a 1MW utility scale solar generation plant as a part of the Alice Solar Cities program.

On behalf of the Alice Solar Cities Consortium, CAT Projects developed the scope, conducted the initial feasibility assessment for the project. This included site visits to review and establish optimal location for the installation, and analysis of the requirements for the point of connection of the system to the electricity grid.

CAT Projects prepared all contract documentation and managed the procurement process, consulting with the project’s various government, private and community stakeholders. Specifically, CAT Projects determined and documented requirements for the supply and installation of all equipment, requirements for connection to points to the network, for the commissioning of equipment, and for the maintenance of the system.

The Uterne Solar Farm remains the largest tracking solar system in Australia. CAT Projects work has since been followed up by detailed feasibility studies looking to expand the completed project by a further 3.1MW AC.