CAT Projects is interested in new ways of providing people with energy and infrastructure services and the possibilities arising from the benefits of technology.  The reports, publications and presentations below are part of our thinking and research on our areas of expertise.  Read more about our services in our capability statement.

Impact of Solar Radiation Variability on Grid Stability with Dispersed PV Generation
Research paper presented by CAT Projects to the EU PVSEC (European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition) in Hamburg, Germany, 2015

Tariff Support for Wind Power and Rooftop Solar PV in Indonesia
Research paper prepared by CAT Projects and the Asian Development Bank for the Government of Indonesia, March 2015

Investigating the Impact of Solar Variability on Grid Stability
Research paper prepared by CAT Projects and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, March 2015

IP and Appropriate Technology: an unholy matrimony?
Presentation for APEC - KIPO conference on Appropriate Technology, Strategic IP Utilization for Sustainable Development, 2014.

Cost-Benefit Assessment Framework for Photovoltaic Mini-Grids
Presentation for the European PVSEC, Amsterdam, 2014.

What's Stopping Solar's Assault on Diesel?
Originally published on the Business Spectator Website, July 2014

Powering the Poor: Coal or Solar?
Originally published on the Business Spectator website, July 2014

The Future of mini-grids: from Low Cost to High Value. Using demand driven design to maximise revenue and impact.
Prepared for Asian Development Bank as part of its Energy for All Initiative, 2013.

The Bushlight India Model - A Replicable, Scalable Model that addresses the Structural Barriers to remote Village Electrification. 
Prepared for the PVSEC 2011, Hamburg.

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre: High Voltage Effects on Inverter Performance.
Prepared for the PVSEC 2011, Hamburg.

An Assessment of Photovoltaic Modelling Software using Real World Performance Data.
Prepared for the PVSEC 2011, Hamburg.

Remote & Off-Grid Renewables - Two Paths.
Presentation on high penetration PV in off-grid energy systems, 2010.

Roof Mounted PV in Cyclonic Areas.
Webinar prepared for the Australian PV Association, May 2011.

Renewable Energy in Central Australia.
Presentation for the Construction Industry Forum, 2010.

The Bushlight India Project.
Presentation for the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference (DIREC2010), October 2010

CAT Projects is an active member of the International Energy Agency PVPS Task 13.  The objective of Task 13 is to improve the operation, reliability and, consequently, the electrical and economic output of photovoltaic power systems and subsystems through: providing a common platform whereby quality aspects are elaborated and exchanged amongst the stakeholders; and disseminating this knowledge to different market actors.  

CAT projects have contributed to various reports prepared by the Task 13 group. These can be found at the IEA Task 13 website.